Error code 0x204 remote desktop

Error code 0x204 remote desktop

How can I fix Remote Desktop connection error code 0x204?

  1. Check Remote Desktop Protocol
  2. Make sure Remote Desktop is allowed through your software firewall
  3. Map the port for Remote Desktop connections
  4. Check if new hardware/ drivers have been installed
  5. Reinstall the Remote Desktop app

You can use Remote Desktop in order to connect and control your PC from another device. In this way, you can use another computer to connect to your PC and have access to all of your applications, files and other network resources as if you were sitting at your desk. To connect to a remote PC, there are several conditions that should be met, that is:

  • The computer must be turned on
  • It must have a network connection
  • Remote Desktop must be enabled
  • You must have network access to the remote computer and
  • You must have the permission to connect to the respective device.

Remote Desktop is a very helpful tool but it has its fait share of problems, for example the 0x204 error. Luckily, there are several solutions to trying to fix Remote Desktoop 0x204, and we’ll list them below.

How to fix Remote Desktop error 0x204

Solution 1: Check Remote Desktop Protocol

The very first thing you should do is check if the Remote Desktop Protocol is enabled. In order to do so, please follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Windows key + R (in order to launch the Run application)
  2. Type SystemPropertiesRemote.exe and press OK
  3. In the System Properties go to Remote tab
  4. Under Remote desktop, check Allow remote connections to this computerAllow remote connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network level authentication (recommended)

This option represents a more secure authentication method that can better protect your computer.

Solution 2: Make sure Remote Desktop is allowed through your software firewall

Sometimes, the error occurs because remote desktop connections are not allowed through the Windows Firewall or any other security software you might be using. In order to check this:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel and go to System and Security
  2. Go to Allow an app through Windows Firewall, located under Windows Defender Firewall
  3. Locate Remote Desktop and tick to allow it for both private and public networksk

Solution 3: Map the port for Remote Desktop connections

Another step that should be taken into consideration, if your remote sessions are through internet, is making sure that your router has been configured to forward he remote desktop port (3389 by default) to the correct computer on your network.

Since routers have different interfaces, it is almost impossible to give you specific instructions but here are some basic steps that could guide you through the process:

  1. Get the IP address of the computer you want to connect to. The simplest way to do that is to open Command Prompt and type ipconfig
  2. Log into your router and locate the Port Forwarding section. Into that section you should forward TCP port 3389 to the IP address located previously

Also, please pay attention that exposing the Remote Desktop server directly to the internet, generates risks: malware, automated hacking, etc. So you should make sure that you use strong passwords and install a VPN.

Another suggestion regarding security could be to change the RDP listening port from the 3389 default to another high port number in the dynamic range.

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Solution 4: Check if new hardware/ drivers have been installed

Error 0x204 could also occur if you recently added hardware to your computer or you have installed new or updated drivers to your computer. If this happened, you could try to:

  1. Run hardware diagnosis supplied by the system manufacturer to determine which hardware component failed
  2. Remove or replace the newly installed driver.

Solution 5 – Reinstall the Remote Desktop app

Another suggestion is to reinstall the remote desktop software. In order to uninstall Remote Desktop app in Windows 10, please follow the steps described below.

  1. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app
  2. Click on the the overflow menu () button next to the name (ex: “My Laptop”) of the Remote Desktop connection you want to delete, and click on Remove
  3. After you disabled the app, try to install it again.

All in all, managing our computers from afar or troubleshooting a family member’s PC without being in front of it, gives us tremendous comfort. That is why the applications that give us remote access are very popular among users. So, do not let the technical aspects of remote desktop software scare you away and, if you encounter 0x204 error, we hope that the solutions listed above proved useful.


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3. Профессиональная или корпоративная версия одной из операционных систем: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1.

Если все эти требования соблюдены, тогда можно приступать к выполнению инструкции.

1. Нажимаем правой кнопкой мышки на значок «Этот компьютер» и в контекстном меню выбираем пункт «Свойства».
2. Из перечня пунктов, которые находятся слева, выбираем «Настройка удаленного доступа».

4. Узнаем IP-адрес компьютера. Для этого нажимаем правой кнопкой мыши по иконке меню «Пуск» и выбираем «Выполнить». В появившемся окне вводим команду cmd, а в командной строке вводим ipconfig.
5. На своем смартфоне запускаем приложение Remote Desktop.
6. Нажимаем на кнопку с плюсом и в появившемся окне вводим IP-адрес из поля IPv4-адрес командной строки. Нажимаем на кнопку с дискетой.

7. Нажимаем на плитку с IP-адресом, в окне «Enter your credentials» вводим электронную почту и пароль, которую используем на своем компьютере в качестве учетной записи. Ставим галочку возле пункта «Save credentials» и нажимаем «Connect».

При подключении, рабочий стол ПК или ноутбука будет заблокирован. Управлением компьютером будет осуществляться только с помощью смартфона. Плавность движений и быстрый отклик на команды будет зависеть от производительности «железа» компьютера и смартфона, а также от скорости интернет соединения.

greater than 4 minutes

‘From now on, I’ll connect the dots my own way.’

Remote Desktop is an easy-to-use and effective option that allows you to control your Windows 10 machine from another computer. Thanks to this handy tool, you can connect to your PC and have access to your apps, files and network resources, which is undoubtedly awesome. That said, things do not always go that smoothly: you may try to use Remote Desktop only to see the error code 0x204 on your screen. We agree that such a failure is pretty discouraging. Nevertheless, there is no need to get all worked up about that. Just keep reading this article to know how to fix the Remote Desktop connection error 0x204.

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What is the Remote Desktop connection error code 0x204 on Windows 10?

Frankly, since multiple issues can bring about the error code in question, there is little need for digging really deep into the origins and definition of the problem. Most often, the 0x204 trouble stems from antiquated driver software or incorrect connection or security settings. What you finally encounter is the failure of your remote connection, which is something that we can describe as a perfectly fixable nuisance.

To help you enjoy the Remote Desktop connection feature in Windows 10, we have collected a whole list of proven solutions to the cases described above. What you should do is work your way down until you arrive at what is capable of eliminating the error code 204.

How to fix the Remote Desktop connection error 0x204?

Tip 1. Update all your drivers

To begin with, you should never lose sight of the fact that out-of-date drivers are a serious threat to the stability and performance of your Windows 10 computer. In the 0x204 scenario, the most likely culprit is your network adapter driver; however, that is not necessarily the case. What we are driving at is that you will lose nothing by checking all your drivers – this way you can be 100 % sure you haven’t missed the one that is actually causing the malfunction.

You are free to perform that quest manually, but keep in mind that such an approach is ridiculously taxing, not to mention the fact that you may accidentally install the wrong software and thus complicate the matter even further.

Another option is to use Device Manager to automate the search, but updating drivers is still no easy task even with this built-in utility involved:

  1. Right-click on the Windows logo icon.
  2. Select Device Manager.
  3. Expand any device section by clicking on it.
  4. Right-click on any of the devices exposed.
  5. Select Update Driver.
  6. Select ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’.
  7. Wait until the search is complete.
  8. Agree to install the software that has been found.

You should take the steps above to update driver software for each of your devices. We guess you have realized that this is quite a time-consuming procedure.

Undoubtedly, your best bet in fixing driver software is using a dedicated tool. For example, you can opt for Auslogics Driver Updater: this product will update all your drivers to their latest manufacturer-recommended versions in just one click.

Resolve PC Issues with Driver Updater

Unstable PC performance is often caused by outdated or corrupt drivers. Auslogics Driver Updater diagnoses driver issues and lets you update old drivers all at once or one at a time to get your PC running smoother

Tip 2. Enable the Remote Desktop protocol

You should check your remote connection settings to see if your PC can be accessed from another device. To do that, follow the instructions below:

  1. Press the Windows logo key + R shortcut to invoke the Run app.
  2. Once it is up, type SystemPropertiesRemote.exe and press the OK button.
  3. You will be taken to the System Properties menu.
  4. Navigate to the Remote tab.
  5. Move to the Remote Desktop section.
  6. Select ‘Allow remote connections to this computer’.
  7. Check ‘Allow remote connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network level authentication (recommended)’.
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Click Apply and OK to save your changes and see if your issue has been resolved.

Tip 3. Configure your security settings

Now it is time to make sure your Windows Firewall allows remote desktop connections. Here are the instructions you need to do that:

  1. In your Start Menu, locate Control Panel and enter it.
  2. Proceed to System and Security.
  3. Navigate to Windows Defender Firewall.
  4. Click on the Allow an app through Windows Firewall link.
  5. Locate Remote Desktop and check it.

Hopefully, your issue is no more.

Tip 4. Reset the Remote Desktop connection for your account

Resetting the problematic Remote Desktop connection may prove useful in getting rid of the connection error 0x204. Here is what you should do:

  1. Open the Search app (Windows logo key + S).
  2. Type Remote Desktop and press Enter.
  3. Open the app in question.
  4. Navigate to the Remote Desktop connection you wish to delete.
  5. Click on the icon that looks like three horizontally aligned dots.
  6. Select the Remove option.
  7. Close the Remote Desktop app.

Then open the app again and set up the connection you have deleted previously.

To quickly resolve «remote desktop error 0x204 on Windows 10», use a safe FREE tool developed by the Auslogics team of experts.

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Tip 5. Configure your Port Forwarding settings

To fix the Remote Desktop connection error 0x204 on your Windows 10 PC, you should forward the TCP port 3389. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Open your Command Prompt (to access it, invoke Search and type cmd into the Search bar).
  2. Type ipconfig and hit the Enter button on your keyboard.
  3. Note the IPv4 Address and the Default Gateway information.
  4. Open your web browser.
  5. Type the IPv4 Address of your router.
  6. Sign in to your router.
  7. Look for the Port Forwarding section.
  8. Check if Port Forwarding is enabled. Enable it if it is disabled.
  9. Configure the Port Forwarding settings the following way:
    • Choose any service name you like.
    • Set both Port Range and Local Port as 3389.
    • As for Local IP, paste the IPv4 address of your router.
    • Select TCP in the Protocol section.
    • Add the new rule and save the changes.

    Please bear in mind that your router interface may differ from what is described above, so it is a good idea to check your router manual.

    We hope your Remote Desktop issue is over now.

    If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to leave your comments below.

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