Purchase перевод на русский с английского

Purchase перевод на русский с английского

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Where d >

Где вы купили машину? ☰

She pa >

Она заплатила за свои покупки и ушла. ☰

My last big purchase was a van.

Моим последним крупным приобретением был микроавтобус. ☰

She opened the box and looked at her purchase.

Она открыла ящичек и взглянула на свою покупку. ☰

Dollars purchase less each year.

Доллары год за годом всё больше обесцениваются. ☰

He purchased a new suit for a hundred dollars.

Он купил за сто долларов новый костюм. ☰

The car was an expensive purchase.

Этот автомобиль был дорогостоящей покупкой / дорогим приобретением. ☰

They bought the furniture on hire purchase.

Они купили мебель в рассрочку / кредит. ☰

Never buy a brand-new car unless you’re rich. Purchase a slightly used car.

Никогда не покупайте абсолютно новые машину, если только вы не богач. Покупайте слегка подержанную. ☰

They gave me a freebie with my purchase.

Они дали мне подарок в придачу к покупкам. ☰

I need to purchase a new heavy coat.

Мне нужно купить новое теплое пальто. ☰

Will you pay cash or charge the purchase?

Как вы будете оплачивать покупку, наличными или карточкой? ☰

Only adults can purchase alcohol.

Покупать спиртные напитки могут только взрослые. ☰

You can pay for your purchase in one of two ways: by cash or by credit card.

Оплатить покупку можно одним из двух способов: наличными или кредитной картой. ☰

Citizens, empowered with factual knowledge, would gain purchase over bureaucracy.

Граждане, вооруженные знаниями фактов, смогут оказывать воздействие на чиновников. ☰

She made two purchases from my stall.

Она сделала в моём ларьке две покупки. ☰

I enclose my receipt as proof of purchase.

В качестве доказательства покупки прилагаю чек. ☰

They closed the purchase with a handshake.

Они скрепили покупку рукопожатием. ☰

He could get no purchase on the situation.

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Он никак не смог повлиять на эту ситуацию. ☰

He displayed his recent purchases with pr >

Он с гордостью показал недавние покупки. ☰

Enjoy a free gift with any purchase of $20 or more.

Сделайте любую покупку на сумму не меньше двадцати долларов — и получите подарок бесплатно. ☰

The family purchased a new car.

Семья приобрела новый автомобиль. ☰

They could find no record of the purchase.

Они не смогли найти никаких записей об этой покупке. ☰

Tickets may be purchased in advance from the box office.

Билеты можно приобрести заранее в кассе. ☰

You can purchase the books by mail order.

Эти книги можно приобрести по почте. ☰

France was the No. 1 purchaser of Iraqi oil.

Франция стала самым большим покупателем иракской нефти. ☰

When you purchase an option, you pay a premium.

Покупая опцион, вы уплачиваете премию. ☰

Return your purchase within 14 days for a full refund.

Верните товар в течение 14 дней с момента покупки, и мы полностью вернём вам деньги. ☰

You can purchase insurance on-line.

Вы можете приобрести страхование онлайн. ☰

Her latest purchase completes her collection.

Последним приобретением она завершает свою коллекцию. ☰

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Do you have any proof of purchase? (=something to prove that you bought and pa >

. usually the missus has the final say-so on buying a house, and the mister has the last word on the purchase of a car.

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Purchase — Pur chase (?; 48), n. [OE. purchds, F. pourchas eager pursuit. See , v. t.] 1. The act of seeking, getting, or obtaining anything. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] I ll . . . get meat to have thee, Or lose my life in the purchase. Beau. & Fl.… … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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purchase — pur·chase 1 vb pur·chased, pur·chas·ing vt 1: to acquire (real property) by means other than descent or inheritance 2: to obtain by paying money or giving other valuable cons >Law dictionary

Purchase — Pur chase (?; 48), v. t. [imp. & p. p. ; p. pr. & vb. n. .] [OE. purchasen, porchacen, OF. porchacier, purchacier, to pursue, to seek eagerly, F. pourchasser; OF. pour, por, pur, for (L. pro) + chacier to pursue, to chase.… … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

Purchase — ist der Familienname von Zac Purchase (* 1986), britischer Ruderer Purchase heißt der Ort Purchase (New York) im Westchester County im US Bundesstaat New York Purchase (in der Bedeutung Landkauf ) steht für u.a.: Gadsden Purchase, Vereinigte… … Deutsch Wikipedia

Purchase — (New York) Purchase Pays États Unis État New York Comté Westchester S … Wikipédia en Français

purchase — [n] possession obtained with money acquirement, acquisition, asset, bargain, booty*, buy, gain, investment, property, steal; concepts 446,710 Ant. sale, sell purchase [v] buy, obtain achieve, acquire, attain, come by, cop*, deal in, earn, gain,… … New thesaurus

Purchase — Pur chase, v. i. 1. To put forth effort to obtain anything; to strive; to exert one s self. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] Duke John of Brabant purchased greatly that the Earl of Flanders should have his daughter in marriage. Ld. Berners. [1913 Webster] 2 … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

purchase — (v.) late 13c., obtain, contrive, bring about, from Anglo Fr. purchaser go after, from pur forth (possibly used here as an intensive prefix; see PURBLIND (Cf. purblind)) + O.Fr. chacier run after (see CHASE (Cf. chase)). Sense of buy first… … Etymology dictionary

purchase — vb *buy Analogous words: gain, win, *get, obtain, procure, secure … New Dictionary of Synonyms

purchase — both as a noun and as a verb, is a formal word not normally used in general contexts (especially conversation). By contrast buy as a noun is somewhat informal (a good buy), and so English lacks a word of neutral register for the meaning ‘the act… … Modern English usage

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purchase — ► VERB ▪ obtain by payment; buy. ► NOUN 1) the action of buying. 2) a thing bought. 3) firm contact or grip. 4) a pulley or similar device for moving heavy objects. DERIVATIVES purchasable … English terms dictionary

имя существительное

  • acquisition
  • buy
  • investment
  • order
  • bargain
  • shopping
  • goods


  • buy
  • pay for
  • acquire
  • obtain
  • pick up
  • snap up
  • take
  • procure
  • invest in
  • get hold of
  • score

имя существительное

  • покупка purchase buy
  • закупка purchase
  • приобретение acquisition purchase acquiring obtaining procurement acquirement
  • купля purchase buying
  • стоимость value cost worth purchase denomination damage
  • выигрыш в силе purchase
  • преимущество advantage edge excellence privilege start purchase
  • ценность value worth valuation price gold purchase
  • купленная вещь purchase
  • годовой доход с земли purchase
  • точка опоры foothold fulcrum pivot toehold bearing purchase
  • точка приложения силы purchase


  • покупать buy purchase get pick up
  • приобретать purchase acquire get gain buy take on
  • закупать purchase buy in
  • завоевывать conquer gain work up overrun war down purchase
  • тянуть лебедкой purchase
  • поднимать рычагом lever lever up lever along purchase
  • an attempt to gain a purchase on the soft earth
  • Dyke says the purchase of the HCVs represents a continuation of Cabot’s long-time relationship with Scherping Systems.
  • The object of the purchase was that the Block should be converted into residential flats which would then be sold on.
  • The clause in issue (clause N of the agreement of purchase and sale) is set out above.
  • Such wider knowledge is firmer purchase on the worldly things and neighbors God has given us to honor and conserve.

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